Gumleaf Gutter Guard Roof Protection

Gutter Guard Roof Protection, Gumleaf™ product itself is exemplary. It’s versatile enough to be applied to any New Zealand roofing, in colours to match and with a 15-year warranty. 

Not that you’ll need to draw on that warranty. Gumleaf™ Gutter Guard is so durable that your roof will probably need replacing before Gumleaf™ does! Made from expanded BHP steel mesh, Gumleaf™ is as strong as an ox and can withstand extreme temperatures, weights, and climates. 

The additional beauty of Gumleaf™ Gutter Guard is that it is 100% DIY-friendly. As Rohan says, applying it isn’t rocket science, and as long as you have a head for heights, Gumleaf™ gutter guarding is as easy as A B C – made even easier with the guidance of our instructional PDFs and YouTube videos. 

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Gutter Guard Roof Protection

Gutter Guard Roof Protection does exactly what it says on the box; Gumleaf Gutter Guard roof protection stops stuff from blocking your gutters. Rohan Rudd runs the Gumleaf Gutter Guard show and he’s proud to advocate its many benefits as an effective barrier against leaf and pest litter, snow, and hail overload – all corroborated by many happy clients. The Gumleaf Gutter Guard roof protection product has quickly achieved nationwide success. Originating in Australia over 20 years ago, it was established in New Zealand by Rohan himself around 2008. Gumleaf now holds top position as the most effective gutter protection system available. 

Holding top spot has proven simple for Rohan and the reason comes down to a few basic yet vital points. Customer service is number one that’s a dead giveaway and Rohan is adamant you won’t find better anywhere. He’s available six days a week and will travel right throughout the South Island (and north) to offer quotes to homeowners, property developers, schools, hospitals, rest homes and industrial sites.

The Gumleaf™ Gutter Buck stops here!


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Hi Rohan, I’ve just been up on the roof as I’m up here today, and your installer has done an absolutely amazing job. I’m beyond thrilled.

If you ever have clients who want a verbal reference please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Adrian R

Rohan from Gumleaf installed gutter guard on my two bedroom home last week. He was very professional to deal with, the quality of the product he supplied was very good as was his workmanship. As an added bonus he also cleaned the gutters and siliconed a few leaks too. I am very pleased with the finished job and would have no hesitation recommending Rohan and his services

Adrian R.


The board sat this morning and approved the quote and the job. We felt that the product was and is far superior to alternative products seen.


Installation was very professional. I have since been up on the roof and the product looks solid and attractive. They went the extra yard by effecting small repairs to the tiled roof.


I have recently had GumLeaf gutter guard installed and I am extremely happy with the prompt, efficient and friendly service Rohan provided. The installation is a very professional finish, low profile and barely noticeable. I now look forward to less scary times up the ladder clearing the guttering and laying traps for the vermin that seem to think my attic is their winter retreat home.


Thanks for your efficiency of both the quoting process and completion of the job that was carried out and to a very high standard in a safe manner. Thanks again and Be Safe and keep up the good work.